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Body and Soul Jazz Band - Party  Band  Norfolk  - Wedding Band Essex - Function band  Cambridgeshire - Jazz band  Hertfordshire 01449 760499

Body and Soul Jazz Band - Party  Band  Norfolk  - Wedding Band Essex - Function band  Cambridgeshire - Jazz band  Hertfordshire 01449 760499

Questions about our gear:

Questions about the music:

Questions about booking & costs:

Questions about logistics:

Questions about our gear:

What equipment do you supply?

We supply everything we need; including excellent quality PA, lights, CD player.

How long does it take you to set up?

Roughly 60 minutes.

Can we use your PA system for speeches or music?

Absolutely. Our sound engineer will be pleased to help you with the mike. We always bring a CD player in

case  you  wish us to play music between our sets.

How much space do you need. - the room isn’t very big and we don’t have a stage....

The full five piece band can manage with 10 feet square (3 metres square), but if there is less space we

always manage. We can fit into awkward shaped corners etc.!! We do not require a stage - but will be

delighted to use it if you have one.

We're worried about volume levels - how do we control how loud the band is?

No need to worry! We want you to enjoy your evening and that means finding our volume level comfortable.

If you want it quieter (or louder!) just tell our sound man.

Are you insured?


What are your electricity requirements?

We just need a safe power supply. We can actually power the whole band off of one plug socket but if you

have more then that is even better.

Do you have an electrical equipment safety certificate

 (Portable Appliance Test PAT)


Questions about the music:

Can we request songs

Definitely. If you want a song that is not on our song list please give us at least 6 weeks notice so that we have

time to learn it.

Your repertoire is very large. Can we request mostly music from one category? ie. Ratpack & swing etc.

Certainly! We are interested to hear your preferences, and also the age range of your guests and what your plans

are for your event: i.e. dancing, dining etc. so that we can play the right music for you.

Do we get to plan a play list?

Please tell us about your favourite songs so we can include them for you, but it is generally best to leave the

play list to us. We know what works but we also like to stay flexible on the night so we can adapt our plans

 to suit the audience.

Wedding first dances - what are the options?

The choice of song is entirely up to you, and most couples know exactly what they want. We will learn your

 song for you if you wish, (please give us 6 weeks notice for this) or alternatively we will play your favourite

 recording of it through our PA if you prefer. Occasionally a couple prefers not to have a first dance at their

 wedding and,of course, that is absolutely fine as well.

Can you supply music before/between your sets?

Yes. We will have a CD player and a range of  compilation CD’s for this purpose if you wish. If you wish to

supply us with CD’s to play, we will be happy to do so.

Can we come and see you live?

We occasionally play public gigs - check our gigs page - but the vast majority of our work consists of private

parties, weddings and functions. If you come to hear us playing lunchtime jazz,  please bear in mind that it

will be completely different to what we would play for an evening party or dance. We would love to see

you there, but you may find it more helpful to look at our videos.

Can you play at our wedding ceremony/reception/dinner as well as providing music for the evening?

Yes, we often do this. You may prefer to have a smaller group earlier on,

(i.e. a duo or jazz quartet) and have the rest of the band arrive in the evening.

Questions about booking & costs:

What information do you need in order to give me a quote for the band?

Date and location of your event. (will it be afternoon or evening?)

The number of hours you wish us to play for.

The number of musicians you require (if you are not sure, tell us and we will make suggestions)

The type of event;  ie. Cocktails, dinner, dance, open day, business launch etc.

How do I book?

Email or telephone us, telling us about your event. We will then confirm the price with you. If you then wish

 to book us we will  post  you two copies of our booking form and ask you to return one along with a  deposit.

As soon as the deposit has been received by us your booking will be secured.

I’m not sure what size band I need. Can you help?

Absolutely. Just tell us a bit about your event and we will suggest the combinations which will work best.

I have a limited budget. Can you suggest ways to keep costs down?

Using a smaller band or having the band play for a shorter length of time will reduce the costs. If you wish, you

can let us know what your budget is and we will suggest a few alternatives.

I want background music in the afternoon and party music in the evening. Can you do me a special price?

Certainly. As the musicians playing in the afternoon will not have to travel twice that day, there will be a

 substantial reduction in costs. Tell us what you are planning and we will give you a quote.

Do you use a booking contract?

Yes. This is important so that you know that your band is firmly booked. Once we have signed the form we

will  turn down all other enquiries for that day. It also keeps us all sure about starting & finishing times etc.

What do you charge?

Costs vary with the size of band booked, length of playing time, and travelling costs. Some prices are on our

contact page, but please do contact us for a firm quote for your event.

What happens if we cancel?

No problem. We retain the deposit, and there are obviously cancellation fees if you cancel close to the event

date, but these fees are refundable should we receive another booking for that date.

Has the band ever had to cancel?

No. If a musician is unwell we have a pool of excellent replacements to step in.

Questions about logistics:

How long do you play for?

We normally play 45 minute sets with a 15 minute break every hour. Most dances last about 3 hours, but we

are highly flexible and will play for as long as you need us to! Our set

lengths are flexible and can be stretched or shortened to fit around your

speeches, buffet or other plans.

How far will you travel?

Anywhere in the UK and abroad.

What time do you finish?

When you want us to! We do charge extra for playing beyond midnight.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, often - and we love it! We require some form of cover when we are outdoors - from the sun (or the rain)!

And we will still need a safe power supply.

Will the band need a hot meal and what about drinks?

If you are able to offer us any food we will be most grateful, especially if we are doing a long session, or

playing during a mealtime. Any drinks you are able to provide would also be most welcome. If you are

unable to offer any refreshments that is fine, but we would appreciate knowing beforehand so we can

plan accordingly.

What will  we need to tell the venue?

They will need to know the size of the band, our time of arrival, that we need electricity, and that we need

cover if playing outdoors. They will also need to know details of any arrangements for drinks and /or food

for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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