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Duos, Trios & Quartets

Body and Soul Jazz Band trio - Nick, Anne & Bob

Sometimes available space or budget restraints mean that a smaller group is preferred, and Body and Soul often go out as duos, trios or quartets. We are frequently asked to provide

afternoon entertainment for wedding guests with one of our smaller groups.

Such groups are very suitable for background music of any kind such as:

cocktail parties * dinners * outdoor gatherings * drinks receptions *

Launches * jazz concerts * picnics * restaurants * nightclubs * etc.

The cost will be significantly reduced  with smaller groups.

The instrumentation options are listed below. We will be very happy to advise

you if you are not sure what size group and/or which instruments would be best

 for your event. The music can be either all instrumental or with vocals.

Instrumental Music:


Piano & Saxophone


Piano, bass & saxophone

Piano, bass & drums

Piano, saxophone & drums


Piano, bass, saxophone & drums

All of the above combinations can include optional female vocals.

Vocal Music:


Piano/female vocals and male vocals


Piano/female vocals, male vocals & bass

Piano/female vocals, male vocals &



Piano/female vocals, male vocals, bass &


All of the instrumental combinations

can include optional female vocals.

Body and Soul Jazz Band - Anne & Bob